ABOUT Chabad at FIT

Chabad at FIT’s mission is to touch every Jewish student at FIT, and inspire each and every one to carry the torch of Jewish identity and continuity with pride. By promoting the unique heritage of the Jewish people among the students, staff and faculty, Chabad at FIT instills an appreciation of the Jewish people's unique contribution to society and an understanding of a one's own role in building a better world.  Chabad House at FIT is a home away from home; a tranquil oasis where a Jewish student can relax among friends, build lifelong relationships, and feel a part of the greater Jewish community. From the first school day to the last final exam and beyond, Chabad at FIT supports students emotionally and spiritually, enabling them to excel both academically and personally.

About the Directors

Malka and Rabbi Yakov were all American 1960's NY high schooler's when Vietnam war protests and the winds of hippee era freedom sent them off on a search for a "better' life.  Malka (then Michele) traveled to Berkley, Haight Ashberry, Israel, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India before eventually finding her way home at Chabad House at Buffulo University.  There she began her Jewish and self discovery journey that led to Crown Heights, NY and the Machon Chana women's seminary.  Rabbi Yakov (then Jeffrey) had a shorter trip.  He encountered Chabad on campus while an engineering student at Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio.  Chabad came to the rescue after a near fatal over dose of physics, biology, chemistry and mathematics.  Yakov's spiritual journey also led him to Crown Heights, then on to the Rabbinical College of New Jersey and eventually the Central Lubavitcher Yeshiva where he received his Rabbinical ordination.

Soon after their marriage in 1975, Malka and Yakov set out to develop and direct campus Chabad Jewish student centers. Buffalo State College,  University of South Florida, University of Miami, Rockland County Community College and most lately FIT.  Malka is currently in the front lines at FIT, engaged daily with students and faculty.  Yakov currently plays a supportive role jointly leading Shabbat and holiday programs.

Malka and Yakov, now married almost 40 years, are the parents of ten wonderful children and a hoard of delightful grandchildren.