Chabad at FIT students are eligible to participate in Sinai Scholar programs on campus. 

About Sinai Scholars

Sinai Scholars Society integrates the study of classic Jewish texts, social programming, and national networking opportunities to provide a fresh and exciting context for Jewish life and learning on the university campus. Sinai Scholars invites students to engage in an open community of study and self-discovery that will help them to become passionate, informed Jewish leaders on campus and in their respective communities.


Wisdom From Sinai: Revolutionary Ideas that Judaism Introduced to the World

Course Overview

1. What, if anything, is Jewish about the Ten Commandments? Aren’t these ethical principles that have been adopted by most religious communities? Does Judaism understand them in a particular way, or is the foundation of the Jewish religion universalistic in its orientation?

2. Why these ten? There are many possible ways to articulate a foundational  manifesto of purpose. Yet the Ten Commandments select only ten of hundreds of possible commandments to be conveyed by G-d directly to the Jewish people. What is special about these ten? In what way do each of them represent a sphere of significance?

3. How does this commandment make a difference to your life? Most of us don’t grapple with whether to murder or not, and idol worship is currently out of fashion. Are these ten still of central relevance to us today? Do they continue to speak to us today?

The Core: Jewish Wisdom for Modern Life

Course Overview

The objective of this course is to explore core elements of Jewish thought, literature and practice.  Judaism spans 4000 years. You can fill up libraries with its literature. Its practices are more vast and complex than perhaps any other society. They are as vast and complex as life itself. So to think we will cover Judaism in one 8 week course is not a very Jewish thought. What we are aiming for is to explore some of its core elements; core to Judaism, and core to us—modern Jews in the 21st Century.

These are issues we must be familiar with if we want to say with integrity “I am a Jew. This is not an in-depth exploration to become a scholar, get a PhD, or become “religious”. This is to have a healthy, adult-level, understanding of the core elements of our heritage and identity.

1. Identity: What does it mean to be a Jew?
2. Purpose: A Jewish approach to finding the meaning of life
3. Freedom: The value of Shabbat in a 24/7 world
4. Love: Jewish insights that make relationships better
5. Spirituality: Jewish perspectives on the Divine
6. Values: A Jewish approach to ethical living
7. Joy: How can we overcome struggles and achieve happiness?
8. Continuity: What will Jewish life look like in the future?

And in my own life, what can Judaism tell me about things close to my heart, such as:

  • Freedom
  • Balance
  • Love
  • Struggles/Hardships
  • My own value

Soul Maps: Kabbalah to Navigate Your Inner World

Course Overview

Perhaps you have struggled before with the elusive search for meaning, and wished you had a personal mentor to guide your growth. What if you had the chance to meet one of the greatest masters of Kabbalah and learn ancient proven strategies for self-realization and contentment?

This fall, you’ll have that chance. Soul Maps, a new course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute, investigates Tanya, the fundamental text of Chassidic thought. The course is structured as a six-session consultation with the author of the Tanya, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. During each session, you will receive insight into your inner world and you will discover new strategies for overcoming obstacles to change and progress. You’ll learn to resolve guilt, conflict, and confusion, and to traverse life’s journey with joy, purpose, and direction.

You Be the Judge: Behind the Steering Wheel of Jewish Law

Course Overview

For over a thousand years, our mostimportant cultural activity has been the study of Talmud. It has sustained us through persecution and exile, shaping the discourse of our people and serving as the crowning achievement of our intellectual tradition. Perhaps you have been curious about the Talmud, but thought it was complex and inaccessible to anyone lacking extensive training. Not anymore. This fall, the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute is proud to launch "You Be the Judge," an innovative introduction to this magnificent work. You need no prior knowledge of the Talmud and no formal legal training. There are no prerequisites other than an open mind. "You Be the Judge" presents you with real cases brought before Beit Din, the court system of Jewish law. We provide the primary source texts from Talmud and put you in the driver's seat. You will have the opportunity to question, discuss, and argue, based on principle and precedent. You will experience firsthand the exhilarating mental exploration that characterizes traditional Talmud study. Join us this fall in the ancient study halls of Jerusalem and Babylonia. Add your voice to other voices that span the millennia. You take the lead. You Be the Judge. 

The Land and the Spirit: Why We All Care About Israel

Course Overview

Explore the spirit of a land that has pulsed with energy and mystery since the dawn of time, a land that has captured our imagination throughout history, a land that breathes with the glory of our past and the dreams of our future. Join us as we examine what Israel was meant to be, and what Israel means to us today.

The Art of Marriage

Course Overview

Judaism views a loving marriage as a spiritual as well as a human ideal. 

“The Art of Marriage” is a six session course that will show participants how to attain that for themselves and their spouses, with timeless lessons from both modern and ancient Jewish texts such as the Talmud and Zohar.

This course will benefit everyone from newlyweds to couples happily married for fifty years, to those contemplating tying the knot.