University years are a time of learning and intellectualism. Students, challenged to build a framework explaining life, encounter many different philosophies and ideas. Jewish students must be able to search for personal wisdom, meaning and relevance in their own Torah / Judaic tradition. Chabad is there to show them the way. Chabad hosts both ongoing classes and private study sessions. Classes cover topics such as Jewish Mysticism & Philosophy, Jewish Women in History, as well as a topical weekly Lunch and Learn program.


Bat Mitzvah Club provides a goal oriented approach to learning and experiencing Jewish study and practice. It is open to both students and faculty. It requires a two semester commitment in which women explore their femininity in the context of both Classic and Contemporary Torah practise. The program culminates with a public ceremony during which participants receive a certificate attesting to their achievements.


Chabad at FIT encourages students to be leaders. At weekly meetings students design their programs, organize bake sales, and plan multi-cultural events. In the process, students gain leadership skills and learn the importance of community.




Chabad at FIT helps students develop a pride and love for Israel. Through Taglit-Birthright Israel trips, the acclaimed IsraeLinks trip, and study abroad at Mayanot Institute in Jerusalem, students explore their Jewish homeland and heritage first hand.




Throughout the school year, Chabad brings the joy and meaning of Jewish traditions to the people by making sure that there is a fun and accessible way for students to celebrate Jewish Holidays. Holidays at Chabad are an incredible experience designed to help students celebrate them properly, and appreciate their importance and relevance. Chabad student and staff reach out to raise holiday awareness by distributing info and holiday kits. Chabad also hosts holiday celebrations and parties on campus.


New York City provides a rich Jewish cultural and intellectual buffet. 

The Chabad at FIT lecture series draws on this rich resource to bring renowned lecturers and presenters to campus to share timely and inspiring messages on a kaleidoscope of Jewish topics and create must-attend events in our community. 


On-campus Shabbat experiences and International Shabbatons bring tranquility in a chaotic world. Students experience the peace, enjoy the sumptuous meals and enjoy the spirited mood of Shabbat on campus with fellow students and friends. The annual Chabad on Campus International Shabbaton in Brooklyn provides a chance to meet Jewish students from around the country, enjoy a wonderful program, and take in an energized Shabbat with a thousand participants.

“Since beginning FIT in Fall 2011, I found comfort in Chabad Jewish Life at FIT. I have been able to have kosher shabbat dinners every Friday night, parties and events for all of the Jewish holidays, and have made many new friends. I can’t imagine what my FIT experience would have been without Chabad at FIT. ”
— Shira Medoff